In SPARKS Career Counselling, you survey

  • your previous and current studies
  • your academic marks, grades or what you aim for in academic marks, grades
  • your favourite school subjects
  • your hobbies
  • your leisure time activities
  • your previous experience in work life
  • matters you consider important in your job
  • your strengths
  • your qualities waiting to be developed
  • your personal interests
  • options for your further studies and career

It is the goal of SPARKS Career Counselling to assist you in gaining a hold on career sparks, in other words on those options you will wish to study or pursue for a living in the future.

After the completion of SPARKS Career Counselling, it is your task to study the options you like in terms of your further studies and career. Information concerning the contents of the studies will provide certainty for making choices for your studies and career path.

“A spark in further studies and in your job will boost your energy, enthusiasm, and well-being.”


  • what matters are important to you in your job or in your future job
  • what matters can you do without or, on the other hand, absolutely need for your job


  • what your strengths and characteristics to be developed as a person are
  • what strengths you definitely wish to make use of in your future job

I have developed Sparks Career Counselling model for individual and peer group counselling. It is the career counselling model for young people and adults.

– Minna Kattelus

VIDEO: SPARKS Career Counselling model in individual counselling – Minna Kattelus

VIDEO: SPARKS Career Counselling model in peer group counselling – Minna Kattelus



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