Hello, my name is Minna Kattelus. I have been working in the field of counselling for 20 years. I am a career counsellor, a psychology teacher and a writer. During the last years I have also been teaching career counsellors and teachers.

My best innovation is SPARK career counselling method for young people and adults in 2010. It is a visual and narrative career counselling method. Method is suitable for individuals and small groups/peer groups. I have got the trademark for this model in 2015.

I have written SPARKS materials – the professional guidance tools for individual, group and peer counselling. The SPARKS materials are in Finnish, English and Swedish.

My counselling methods and materials based on SocioDynamic counselling (dialogic listening and life-space mapping), narrative approach, positive psychology and visualization.

My key counselling tools are visualizations, counselling charts, texts, stories, drawings, imagery, dream maps, playful interviews, music, stories etc. SPARK map is my tool for career counselling. But I used to do visualizations, counselling charts, in all kind of counselling situations.

SPARK question cards and SPARK task cards help to open up goals and potentials.

The themes include self-knowledge, life management, career planning and grouping. Try out these cards in individual, group and peer counselling, where the participants write counselling charts for each other in pairs, using the SPARK tasks and SPARK question cards the counsellor has chosen

SPARK strengths cards make it easier to identify strengths as well as features worth developing.

SPARK emotional description cards help to explain thoughts, feelings, life situations, strengths, dreams and plans.


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